Xiao Lei: predicting that the Chinese market will reconsider the establishment of a legal Bitcoin trading market in the future

Xiao Lei, a senior financial analyst, published the article "The Birth, Supervision and Destination of Bitcoin" today. The article points out that the logic of the block chain will be further promoted by the blockchain, which can allow the subject matter of equity to surpass specific countries. Restrictions, that is, without the protection of any national law, transfer and trading can be realized, and an undisputed consensus system can be established. It can be said that the blockchain that is understood now is just a technology, so in terms of its development and use, it is still very narrow. This was like the East India Company, the South China Sea Company, and the Mississippi Company. At that time, it was used only for the government and the king to solve debt problems and distribute wealth from colonial robbery. At the same time, for the transaction of Bitcoin, Xiao Lei predicted that in the future, the Chinese market will definitely reconsider the issue of establishing a legal transaction market, because Bitcoin is the first overflow mechanism of the historical incentive mechanism such as blockchain. It is also a very important resource. It is not a beast of muddy water, but an incentive for new mechanisms and technologies.