Data show: Bitcoin Lightning network usage has dropped by 50% since summer

Since the summer, the use of the Bitcoin Lightning Network has dropped sharply by 50%, and the value of Bitcoin carried by the Lightning Network has fallen from $ 12 million in July to less than $ 6 million. At the same time, a problem recently appeared on the Lightning Network that cannot verify whether users actually own Bitcoin, but the problem has been resolved. In addition, Defipulse monitoring data shows that the value of Bitcoin locked in the Lightning Network has fallen sharply, from $ 6 million to $ 500,000. At present, the data has been restored. Some people claim that this may be a data error, and some people think that it is because the client upgrade caused Defi Pulse to fail to monitor the data correctly within a short time. But even if there is no sharp decline in a short period of time, the current utilization rate of Lightning Network has also dropped significantly.