A number of gold exchanges have begun to deploy the financial technology field, and four gold exchanges have filed blockchain information services

According to the China Business Daily, recently, reporters noticed that a number of gold exchanges have begun quietly setting up fintech areas. Four gold exchanges, including the Chongqing Financial Assets Exchange, Beijing Financial Assets Exchange, Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange and Xiamen International Financial Assets Trading Center, have recently passed the second batch of domestic blockchain information service filings and obtained Provide a "license" for blockchain information services. Regarding the layout of the financial technology sector, the heavy metal firm responded to the reporter that the company is currently in transition and it is not convenient to be interviewed for the time being; a person in the information construction department of the Central Plains Gold Exchange Center stated that he is currently investing in financial technology; People also revealed that they have been increasing investment in scientific research and development. Behind the quiet layout of financial technology, the transformation of the gold exchange industry has reached a critical juncture.