Coinmetrics co-founder: XRP will never be used by banks

According to AMBCrypto, Ripple claims to provide revolutionary solutions related to cross-border payments and remittances, and its network includes more than 200 regional and international banks worldwide. However, most financial institutions have not turned to ODL. Although Ripple may have a lot of chips, the stagnant price movement of XRP has caused many people's concern. co-founder Nic Carter said, "If there is anything that bankers don't like, it is being told that banks will use XRP. They will never use it, and for structural reasons, they will not be able to use it. (Ripple support Do people know Basel III?) Even if they can, they won't. "The agreement was the result of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The main principles focus on capital requirements, leverage, and liquidity requirements, with the aim of increasing liquidity and reducing leverage. However, this proposal has been opposed by think tanks and bankers who believe that the regulatory framework will benefit large banks and adversely affect the stability of the global financial system. There is no denying that Ripple is growing as a fintech company and remittance provider. Ripple's work today allows XRP to act as a bridge between traditional bankers and the crypto circle; this is why more and more banks are adopting XRP. However, despite the growing news of adoption of development and partnerships, Ripple and XRP have a long way to go before they are truly accepted by banks.