Bitcoin 2015-2019 trend comparison, the same as the attack on the annual line, what is the difference?

Bitcoin's trend comparison from 2015 to 2019 is also the same as the "up the difference" in the upper line.

The following picture is a comparison chart of the heroes who made the big cakes on April 2 after they were pulled up. Recently, there are many microblogging teachers who have modeled this comparison chart. From the megatrend on the second day of the heroes' arrogance, the goal is set to the annual line. It is a matter of time to repeatedly emphasize the attack on the annual line, but what is most worthy of our attention is what will happen after the attack on the annual line. go. The first half is the trend of 2015. After the pie entered the bear market from the high point, the first attack on the annual line was unsuccessful. It continued to fall and formed the double bottom of the K-line pattern. It also broke the annual line for the second time in October 2015. Finally, she entered the slow cow for two years and did not fall below the annual line for the first time in June 2018.

The second half is the current trend of BTC, and the upper two purple lines are the 2015 and 2019 annual lines. From the bottom half, we can also see that the current trend of the pie is almost in sync with the trend of the first upswing in 2015, and will there be any impact on the next year and continue to fall to the bottom? The heroes personally tend to this view, and in the article half a month ago, I have given you detailed megatrend logic. That is to say, when the big cake hits the annual line, the trend after that will be very dangerous and deserves our caution.

IEO: All major platforms increase the blood-sucking effect, no one cares about the cottage echelon

Old leeks know that one or two waves of rebounding stocks last year were very crazy, but the wave of the market opened after the Spring Festival this year, the cottage echelon seems to be unattended, one of which is because many people were cut by the cottage Token last year. When I was bitten by a snake for ten years, I was afraid of the rope. Everyone had a prepared heart. However, the root cause is that because of the blood-drawing effect of 1EO, everyone thinks that 1EO is stable and not lost, so in the near future, not only the cottage echelon, but also the mainstream echelon will stop, and this phenomenon appears to be just GATE. After the rush to buy, everyone can also find out that in fact, after the Spring Festival, many mainstream echelons and cottage echelons also have 1-3 times increase, such as our operation of ONT, BCH, ADA, etc., but with the wind of 1EO The more you blow, the more stagflation occurs in other sectors. So from a macro perspective, the blood-sucking effect is very obvious.

What should I do?

Pay attention to the risk, or go to eat the fishtail market?

In the near future, the disk is quite different. In the case of maintaining a large trend, the heroes have already let everyone lower some of the positions, and clearly stated that the position must be up to the expected point, otherwise it will not be filled. The pies are almost the same as the annual line. Even if the other mainstream echelons have an upside in the short term, it is enough to maintain the existing positions, and when the stagflation mainstream echelon is lifted, the rallies can continue to lighten up, and draw the top 10 It is not advisable to take up to 30% of the risk of % space.



The heroes judged that the pie will take a counter-sucking action yesterday. It is expected to fall back after the high of $5,400. Today, the pancakes rose sharply and directly broke through the point. The highest point rose to $5,600, which exceeded the hero's personal expectations. Twitter posted that Nasdaq can trade BTC, but the real situation is that Nasdaq can simulate trading, this news has been carried out in a crazy spread on foreign media, which is another pull-up behavior of communication messages. The pull-up is real, but this time the pull-up of the pie has already made a test of the annual line. The pressure behind it is getting bigger and bigger. The cottage and the mainstream echelon do not have strong follow-up and willingness to make up. The approval of the main fund.

Today's analysis: the pancakes rose to a new high in the year, and the possibility of going out of the top with the new height of the pie on the daily line continues to increase. The top divergence is a bearish signal. It has been said that this is more than a year ago. For the first time, it is expected that the top will deviate. If the top of the daily line is diverged, then the adjustment period and amplitude are also very large. The heroes judge: the big cake will have a big probability of going out of the top of the daily line, and the operation will increase the number of positions and reduce the position to prevent risks. Year line points: $5,727, support level: $5,300.

EOS: Yesterday, the heroes reminded everyone to replenish a little position near 5.18 US dollars, waiting for the anti-pumping up and high throw. Today, the grapefruit has a small increase and the willingness to attack is not strong, so it will continue to reduce the bargaining strategy. It is expected to be short-term. Going up, you can throw high pressure every time. Short-term support: $5.0, pressure: $5.5.

ETH: The pie has already made the action of the attacking year. The etheric point is 185 dollars this year, and the ideal point of the heroes is 200 dollars, only one step away. Today's Ether has not significantly increased the price. If the market is unsuccessful in the market, the short-term risk will be increased. The operation can be held along the 5-day line. It is expected that there will be an overshoot in the short-term, and the position can be continued. Lighten up. Short-term support: $165, pressure: $180.

ADA: Today's anti-pumping is relatively strong. The chasing high is close to 0.08 US dollars. The short-term ADA still has the opportunity to pull up a period. It is also a follow-up market. For the replenishment position near 0.07 US dollars, it can be high-throwing. The overall position should not be too heavy. . Short-term support: $0.07, pressure: $0.085.

BCH: Yesterday, the heroes judged that BCH would take a back pumping. Today, the back pumping back to the top of $300. On the chip, the $330 is the two peak pressure levels, and the short-term breakthrough probability is small. The low-selling chips in the market are backed up in batches, and the risk is mainly avoided. The short-term support is 290 USD and the pressure is 315 USD.

BTM: After a 4 hour divergence, a small back pumping was formed, and the overall strength was not strong. Recently, the Shanzhai echelon has no chance, because the hotspots are all above the 1EO, so the overall trend of the cottage echelon has been relatively large in the near future.

ONT: The anti-pumping force is not strong. Before the obvious turning point signal is issued, you can temporarily wait and see, and pay attention to the potential risks. Key support: $1.