Babbitt Overnight Highlights

1. Fan Ruiping, member of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Province: Blockchain is the main breakthrough point for independent innovation of "hard core technology" in Chengdu's new economy.
2.Russian central bank governor: not seeing strong reasons to launch central bank digital currency like China
3. Korean media: Upbit may have stolen other altcoins, with a total loss of $ 79 million.
4. Data: The daily trading volume of bitcoin futures amounts to USD 5 billion.
5. Former Chief Economist of the IMF: China's digital currency may regulate the global financial stage by reducing the cost of cross-border payments.
6. Report: This round of bitcoin decline should not be blamed on "miners surrender", as the proportion of miners' sales power is very low.
7. He Cheng of the Ministry of Education: A trusted education blockchain based on trusted education digital identity will be launched.
8. Data show that Bitcoin Lightning Network usage has dropped by 50% since the summer.