Analysis: The specification of the accounting system can rely on blockchain to meet the requirements of accounting for data authenticity

The Securities Market Red Weekly published today "The standardization of the accounting system can rely on the blockchain." The article points out that the diversification and fragmentation of enterprise information systems is very serious, and the phenomenon of information islands exists in large numbers. It is only by relying on severe punishment laws to strictly supervise accounting auditors, can it achieve the purpose of standardizing accounting behavior? The correct approach should follow the trend of accounting information digitization represented by artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data, and replace and eliminate the growing impropriety created by current accounting fraud with "counting one, information sharing". Adjust the space. The article also stated that the biggest feature of the blockchain is that every business data can be recorded accurately and tamper-proof when it is formed, even when it is only used to provide low-level support for financial accounting, it is sufficient to Technically meet the financial accounting requirements for data authenticity and accuracy.