Li Meng, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology: Blockchain has great value in reshaping the trust mechanism.

On November 30, the "Eleventh China Economic Outlook Forum" hosted by the China Economic Times and the National Research Institute of Economic Research was held in Beijing. Li Meng, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, attended and delivered a speech entitled "Innovation-Driven and Prospects for Industrial Transformation". Li Meng said that the blockchain shows its own important application potential, such as supply chain finance, cross-organizational logistics management and data sharing, especially pharmaceutical circulation management and product tracking. At present, although the application of blockchain technology is not very mature, the application scenarios are not many. There are still technical difficulties in large-scale penetration applications like artificial intelligence, which need to be broken. However, Li Meng emphasized that it is necessary to look further at the blockchain, because it will become an important technology that supports the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities. It is of great value to reshape the trust mechanism and build a credit society in an intelligent society.