Multi-collateral DAI has lagged US dollar trading volume in the 11 days since its launch

According to Dune Analytics data, since its launch on November 18, DAI's trading volume has lagged behind SAI in the past 11 days. On November 22, when the overall market fell, SAI trading volume was $ 2.7 million, while DAI was only $ 832,000. On November 28, the SAI transaction volume was $ 239,926 and the DAI was less than $ 100,000. BZX co-founder Kyle Kistner predicted this for the first time in a panel discussion earlier this month. Kistner emphasized that he has not seen a substantial upgrade from the previous single mortgage DAI (SAI), and he believes that multiple mortgage DAI (DAI) brings many challenges and risks. The addition of DAI will also increase the complexity of the current system. He also said that he was skeptical whether the diversity offered by DAI was better than the new features of the current DeFi system. MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen defended DAI's case, stating that multiple mortgage assets make the DeFi ecosystem less vulnerable to future issues. He reiterated that if the DeFi field continues to expand at the current rate, SAI's economic credibility will be threatened in the event of a financial crisis.