Defi locks in assets to $ 865 million, a record high

According to Dapptotal data, since last year, the scale of assets locked in DeFi applications has increased by more than 10 times, from $ 50 million to nearly $ 865 million today, a record high. Among the dozens of projects listed by Dapptotal, MakerDAO's DAI continues to dominate, and it currently locks in US $ 323 million worth of ETH. Recently, the EOS REX, which has been in flames due to the woolen wool project, jumped to the second place, with $ 235 million in locked positions. In Dapptotal, the value of the derivative Synthetix ($ 72 million) is close to the third compound (approximately $ 100 million), but because Synthetix is ​​collateralizing its own native tokens and synthesizing other assets, it is actually counted on Defiplus as Synthetix mortgage assets. Over Compound to $ 170 million. And the Defi project after the fifth place is very different in the value of hedging, and it cannot threaten the top five to reach the position at all. Note: Edegeware itself does not belong to Defi, so USD 123 million is not included in Defi's locked assets for the time being.