Xiaorong of Huarong Securities: Blockchain technology is starting to expand to the real economy faster and faster

On November 30, the 2019 China Financial Annual Forum and Financial Market Summit was held in Beijing. Xiao Bo, deputy general manager of Huarong Securities Wealth Management Center, said that blockchain technology is now starting to expand to the real economy faster and faster. Chain technology will gradually return to its roots, serve the real economy, accelerate the expansion to industries outside other financial fields, help traditional industries, reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, and promote the growth of the real economy. The application areas of the application of the blockchain technology have covered financial, service, supply chain, traceability, social welfare, cultural entertainment, electronic certificate, e-government, medical health, sharing economy and other fields. With the margins of blockchain technology Increasingly expanding, industry applications will accelerate, and the development of the underlying platform of the blockchain is diversifying. Data sharing and interworking between chains is becoming increasingly important. Multi-chain parallelism and cross-chain interworking have become a development trend.