Yu Jianing: If the blockchain cannot be integrated with the industry, it will not be valuable

According to Sina Finance, on November 30, at the 12th China Economic Media Summit, Yu Jianing, president of Huobi University and former director of the Institute of Industry and Economics of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that if a blockchain technology cannot be truly integrated with the industry If it cannot help the industry to improve quality and efficiency, it would be worthless to be advanced. One of my recent feelings is that the industry is accelerating and an innovative development. On the other hand, the blockchain industry is no longer an empty phrase. In the past, everyone did n’t have a blockchain in the real economy, did n’t understand the blockchain, and could n’t master the blocks. In the case of a chain, the blockchain industry is often a slap in the palm, and now all walks of life should be very busy. Major enterprises and provinces are asking us to talk about blockchain. We deeply feel that blockchain + The real industry, the spring that the blockchain empowers the real economy has really arrived.