Hubei Supply and Marketing Cooperative "Cloud Warehouse Project" Relies on Blockchain to Achieve Full Traceability of Agricultural Products

According to Changjiang Daily, in order to better promote the upward movement of agricultural products, Hubei Supply and Marketing Co. announced that its first agricultural product cloud warehouse project will be settled in Yichang. In Yuncang, agricultural products can be traced throughout. Zhu Daopeng, general manager of Hubei Yufu Garden, said, "Take the example of the eggs of agricultural products that consumers care about. As an example, we will introduce blockchain technology. Each chicken will wear a smart foot ring device to monitor the position, temperature, and action steps in real time. Numbers, movement trajectories, etc., the average chicken takes 110,000 steps a day, and then analyzes the data on the blockchain through big data analysis to finally obtain the grade index of agricultural products, and consumers can voluntarily purchase agricultural products based on the grade indicators. "