Ant Financial CEO Jingxian Dong: Blockchain will become the digital infrastructure of the future

At the “Antai Symphony” Summit Forum of Shanghai Jiaotong University on November 30, Ant Financial Chairman and CEO Jingxian Dong stated that how to trade, split and circulate assets after digitalization requires a credit system. This system is Blockchain, the blockchain will become the digital infrastructure of the future, which is why Ant Financial will firmly invest in the blockchain four years ago. Jingxian Dong introduced that this year Ant Financial initiated a cross-border blockchain remittance from Malaysia to Pakistan. Now Ant Financial's blockchain patents rank first in the world. In terms of application breakthroughs, more than 40 application scenarios have been constructed. At the same time, Ant Financial is building an ecological blockchain platform so that all ecological participants can develop new opportunities around different application scenarios.