Editor-in-chief of China Times: If anyone can use the blockchain to make technology comparable to Bitcoin, maybe the next richest person in the world

On November 30th, at the 12th China Economic Media Summit, Shuipi, editor-in-chief of the China Times, said that the application of new technologies in the future may present unexpected investment opportunities, and that is the blockchain technology brought by 5G The application of the word "blockchain" has once again caused the impulse of the whole people due to such a lesson in the Political Bureau Information Conference. We have also done two sessions of the Blockchain Forum in the past two years, but this thing is technically quite difficult. Phenomenal product development requires a process. Until now, Bitcoin has been the most successful phenomenon level. Application, is there a technology that can be compared with Bitcoin? If anyone can make this breakthrough, it will be great, maybe the next richest man in China and the richest man in the world.