Babbitt morning news at a glance

1. Ant Financial CEO Jingxian Dong: Blockchain will become the digital infrastructure of the future.
2. Babbitt launched the "Industrial Blockchain Strict Selection Platform", with three services helping technology landing.
3. Chairman of Russia ’s Duma Gold Council: In fact, Russia ’s crypto ban is difficult to achieve.
4. Ethereum developers have agreed to postpone the difficulty bomb.
5. Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiong'an New Area: Blockchain technology has played a huge role in the resettlement of Xiong'an New Area.
6.Monero is about to adopt RandomX algorithm.
7. Deputy Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange: The participants in the cross-border blockchain platform should be continuously expanded, and a cross-border credit service system should be gradually formed.
8. Hainan Provincial Health and Health Commission launched the medical service supervision platform to deeply integrate the blockchain with the health industry.