Everbright Trust Vice President: The central bank's dominant and exclusive right to issue currency is challenged in the context of modern high technology

On November 30, the 2019 China Financial Annual Forum and Financial Market Summit was held in Beijing. Dr. Li Zhaojun, vice president of China Everbright Trust, said in a speech that financial institutions themselves are using these technologies extensively, including informatization and Internetization, including many of what is now being said. Blockchain, decentralized, and distributed bookkeeping are now particularly strong. There are several challenges faced in fintech including the central bank's dominance of currency issuance, and the exclusive right under the circumstances of modern high technology. In all countries, especially the Federal Reserve, because of the seriousness of these problems, it has limited the issue of Libra. We are also researching our digital currency. In the future, due to the use of our high-tech high-speed, the institution that issues currency is not necessarily the central bank. High-tech companies can do it, not only the concept of bitcoin, which should constitute all aspects of our entire financial system and even macro-control. huge challenge.