Monitoring results: November data breaches are becoming more common

According to the slow fog BTI system monitoring, it is found that there have been blockchain-related data leakage information in the dark web, including: GateHub 1.4 million user information, digital currency exchange user information, etc. Previously, BitMex also leaked a large number of user mailbox information due to work errors. . Another major security incident in November was the hacking of the South Korean exchange Upbit, which resulted in the theft of 342,000 ETH from the hot wallet. The SlowMist security team suspects that the incident may be related to an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack. The characteristics of this attack are Lurk for a long time, until a large amount of operable funds are encountered and stolen in a large amount. In the past few months, the SlowMist BTI system has also disclosed fake recharge vulnerabilities, supply chain attacks, withdrawal address hijacking and replacement attacks, etc. The SlowMist security team hereby reminds project parties to conduct self-examination of security vulnerabilities and further enhance personnel security. Awareness and platform risk control system, if necessary, you can contact a professional blockchain security company for help to avoid suffering losses.