Onsite 丨 How does the Hainan blockchain strategy go? Important leaders such as Vice Governor of Hainan Province gave the answer today

Babbitt News, on December 1, the construction of Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Pioneering Demonstration Zone and the Blockchain · Digital Asset Trading Technology Innovation High-end Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan. The unveiling ceremony of Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sanya) Experimental Zone was also held at the meeting site. This is the first experimental zone listed in Hainan Province since the establishment of the International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone.

Local leaders such as Wang Lu, deputy governor of Hainan Province, and Adong, mayor of Sanya City attended the forum and delivered speeches on the spot. Leaders in other related fields also delivered keynote speeches.

In his speech, Wang Lu, deputy governor of Hainan Province, said that the major countries in the world are currently accelerating the development of blockchain, and they must accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and actively promote blockchain and economic and social development. In terms of blockchain, Hainan must first strengthen basic research, and secondly, accelerate the research on blockchain standards, while creating the ecology of the blockchain industry, developing the integration of blockchain and the real economy, and innovating new models for the development of the digital economy. . He also stated that

"What we will do next in terms of blockchain and digital asset trading is not clear, but we have a wish that Hainan will become the center of the offshore innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration zone and Hainan will become a national blockchain research and application demonstration. The center also hopes that we will become a national digital asset trading demonstration zone. "


In his speech, Mayor Adong of the People's Government of Sanya City said that the construction of Hainan International Offshore Innovation Demonstration Zone provides new opportunities for Hainan's development. And international cooperation mechanisms to establish a policy system.

In his speech, Chen Yang, director of the Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau of Hainan Province , stated that Hainan will actively promote financial opening policies, including offshore financial cross-border investment and financing, and try first in Sanya to further establish a sound policy guarantee system and accelerate the global financial technology system. The gathering in the town of Sanya will continue to support the construction of the Sanya Wealth Management Center, build a high-end financial service industry cluster, and build financial management into a bright business card for the financial development of Sanya as soon as possible. He also pointed out that he will actively support the construction of Sanya's international trading venues, give play to the effect of the agglomeration of trading venues, and form a differentiated competitive advantage facing the two oceans.

China Asset Securitization Forum Chairman Meng Xiaosu also attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that blockchain and asset tokenization will become a disruptive technology for real estate asset transactions . The technical characteristics of the blockchain's anti-tampering and decentralized database have three applications in the real estate asset tokenization. One is share and customizable, and the ownership can be shared; the second is smart contracts and automation, reducing Friction and cost; the third is the exchange based on the blockchain, token securities can be traded in the secondary market based on the blockchain infrastructure.

Meng Xiaosu called for the establishment of the Hainan REITs Exchange in Hainan. If the "Hainan Exchange" has a blockchain infrastructure, it can conduct trading in the secondary market of token securities. In theory, all assets that can be securitized into assets can be made into asset tokenization. It is internationally known as "STO". There are already existing regulations in the United States. It embraces regulation and is determined by its nature. In investment management, The aspect is more suitable for the development of REITs. The asset securitization to be promoted in the past is through fiat currency, and in the future it may be through digital tokens, including bitcoin.


In addition, the unveiling ceremony of the Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sanya) Experimental Zone was held on the site. This is the first experimental zone listed in Hainan Province since the construction of the International Offshore Innovation and Demonstration Demonstration Zone. During the signing ceremony, the first group of companies settled in Eurotech Group and Sanya City signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Eurotech Group announced that it will establish a blockchain offshore digital asset trading laboratory in Sanya, and subsequently build a blockchain big data research institute. , Blockchain Innovation Application R & D Center, etc. At the same time, the Asia-Pacific headquarters was set up to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.


Xingxing Xu, founder of Eurotech Group, gave a speech on "Now and Future of Blockchain Technology". Xu Mingxing mentioned that the application of blockchain is divided into instrumental and subversive. Tool-type applications such as traceability and certificate storage will slowly land one by one in government supervision and daily life. However, we can now see that there are many international remittances, Facebook's product Libra, etc. These are the embodiment of the development of disruptive applications. Xu Mingxing mentioned that decentralization is actually the decentralization. Blockchain is a technology. The distributed ledger can be used as a low-level shared database. It is encrypted and does not belong to anyone, but it can be done through a super private key. To manage.

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