The First Blockchain Service Network BSN Partner Conference was held in Zhejiang, and the permanent address of the conference was settled in Hangzhou

On December 1st, the first Blockchain Service Network Partner Conference and Blockchain Service Network Boosted Social Governance and Urban Brain City Platform Launching Ceremony was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. At the meeting, the trial of the blockchain service network BSN to help social governance and the urban brain city platform was officially launched. At the same time, the permanent site of the blockchain service network BSN Global Operations Center and Partner Conference was settled in Hangzhou. Wang Zhenfeng, deputy head of the People ’s Government of Hangzhou ’s Xiacheng District, said: “Relying on the advanced and comprehensive urban brain city Xiacheng platform in Hangzhou ’s Xiacheng District, development units take advantage of the low development difficulty and low cost of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN). We have achieved interface docking and data on-chain work within time, and successfully achieved a breakthrough in the application of blockchain in social governance. "