Liu Xiaochun: The issuance of digital currency by the central bank has nothing to do with the internationalization of the RMB

Liu Xiaochun, deputy dean of the Shanghai New Finance Research Institute and director of the Shanghai Financial Digitalization Research Center, said at the 2019 Phoenix Finance Forum that blockchain has two levels of concepts. One is spoken by the central government, and blockchain is the level of strategic technology; the other is the level of applied technology currently advertised in the market. He also said that the issuance of digital currency by the central bank is only a kind of production material for the renminbi. Just like the renminbi has banknotes, coins, and bookkeeping currencies in bank accounts, there may be an additional digital currency issued by digital technology in the future. From this perspective, It has nothing to do with RMB internationalization. Liu Xiaochun said that all the decentralization of digital currencies, except for scholars' research, basically wanted to take the current center as its own center.