Li Xiaofeng: Clean up all exchanges and currency issuers before the central bank will appear

On December 1, the construction of the Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Demonstration Demonstration Zone and the Blockchain · Digital Assets Trading Technology Innovation High-end Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan. Li Xiaofeng, the former director of the Institute of Financial Information Technology of the Central Bank of China, published the title "Banking Blockchain Exploration and Practice. Li Xiaofeng said at the end of his speech: "Digital currency originates from Bitcoin. Digital currency is different from the original bank account system. It is based on a public key and private key signature. The public key is the address of the digital wallet, which brings decentralized finance. According to Li Xiaofeng, "Combined with practice, the first digital currency issued on the digital currency market was a commodity at best, so many bitcoins cannot be reached now, that is, air currency. What really makes sense is Libra. Status has an impact. Since the release of the Libra white paper, the People's Bank of China has accelerated the issuance of digital currencies by banks, which sometimes sometimes leads to the decoupling of the financial system. In the end, there should be currency or smart contracts first, and there should be currency first. Bitcoin is the last. One problem is that digital currency will bring financial infrastructure construction, and also how to do laws and regulations. These issues are still to be resolved. Our country is still cleaning up the portal. The central bank will only officially clear all kinds of exchanges and currency issuers. At the appearance, re-issuance is a national monopoly issue. "