IMF calls on Georgia to assess crypto income for trade balance

According to foreign media today, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended that Georgia include crypto trading and mining revenue in its foreign trade balance report. Given that Georgia is currently the world's fourth largest producer of mining digital currencies, the IMF's recommendations are quite relevant. Therefore, the government should consider revenue from such activities. Media reports say IMF representatives have met with leaders of large crypto companies working in the mining sector. Miners are required to be responsible to foreigners who buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin from local producers. In other words, Georgia is a Bitcoin exporter. However, no one seems to know how many dollars this activity has brought to the economy. IMF experts agree that crypto mining accounts for a significant share of Georgia's economy. Therefore, the government should pay close attention to the industry. International organizations are now trying to figure out the true contribution of crypto mining to the country's gross domestic product.