Pudong Times: Blockchain technology boosts "pass" expansion

On December 2nd, according to the Pudong Times, it is reported that the integration of two-dimensional codes for rail transit has achieved significant results without the advancement of technology. It is reported that the expansion of the interconnection "pass" relies on the successful practice of innovative technology represented by ant blockchain technology. The traditional point-to-point model has the advantage of fast intercommunication, but with the increase of urban access, the cost and complexity of the background, mutual reconciliation and settlement of funds between point-to-point docking systems between cities are getting higher and higher. With the application of blockchain, the subway ticket settlement between cities is also completed in real time, realizing automatic second-level settlement. While ensuring the integrity of the two-dimensional code ticketing system in each city is ensured, the transparency and sharing of information is ensured, the data asset rights are protected, and the cost of establishing trust and reaching consensus among city rail transit companies has been significantly reduced.