Vitalik: Arrested Ethereum scientist Virgil Griffith did not provide any substantial help to North Korea

On December 2nd, the news of the chain, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin stated on Twitter, "Virgil Griffith is my friend, and visiting North Korea is his personal act. The Ethereum Foundation does not provide any form of support. Yes Geopolitical openness is a virtue, and Virgil Griffith's advantages have been manifested before, such as helping to strengthen the relationship with Ethereum Classic and Hyperledger. I think Virgil has not provided the North Korean government with any substance He gave a speech based on public information about open source software. This is not a high-level technical tutorial on hacking. I hope that the United States can focus on what is really harmful, rather than arrest programmers who give public information lectures. " According to previous reports, the Prosecutor's Office of the Southern District of New York and the FBI announced that Virgil Griffith, a research scientist at the Ethereum Foundation, had been arrested, accusing him of helping North Korea "evade sanctions using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology."