Blockchain network service alliance was established, with UnionPay, Mobile, Telecom, China Merchants Bank, Weizhong, and Huobi as the first members

News on December 1st, in the first Blockchain Service Network Partner Conference jointly sponsored by the National Information Center, China UnionPay, China Mobile, etc., multiple companies will join the Blockchain Network Service Alliance (BSN). This is A global blockchain service infrastructure across the public network, across regions and across institutions, co-sponsored by the top-level planning of the National Information Center, with multiple companies co-sponsored. It provides developers with a public blockchain resource environment based on the Internet concept, which can reduce district The development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability, and supervision costs of blockchain applications drive the rapid development and popularity of blockchain technology. The first members will include China UnionPay, China Mobile, China Telecom, CMB International, Weizhong Bank, Huobi China, etc.