Hunan Unicom's self-developed blockchain products officially launched

Recently, with the successful application of the "Blockchain + Tiangong" application product in Hunan Unicom, Hunan Unicom's first self-developed blockchain product was officially launched, and it was simultaneously launched in Changsha, Huaihua, and Hengyang. It can greatly improve the efficiency of Hunan Unicom's government and enterprise fund management and improve the platform-based risk prevention system. Note: It is reported that the project is mainly an AI government and enterprise capital chain based on blockchain technology research and development. It uses distributed bookkeeping, smart contracts, and non-tamperable features to integrate corporate accounts, customer manager accounts, corporate accounts, consumption, funds Transfer and reconciliation services are recorded and monitored on the chain, transforming traditional manual ledger and system management into more efficient and secure digital management on the chain, thereby reducing capital management costs and risks.