Beijing Internet Court Holds Press Conference on Application Technology and Management Standards of "Balance Chain"

According to official news, on December 2, the Beijing Internet Court held a press conference on the application of access technology and management norms for the “balance chain”. The Vice President of the Internet Court, Mr. Gui Guiqing, released the "Technical Specifications for the Application of Access to the Balance Chain" and "Specifications for the Application Management of the Application of the Balanced Chain." Beihu adheres to the construction concepts of neutrality, openness, security, and controllability, vigorously promotes the deep integration of blockchain technology and judicial innovation, and explores the "balance chain model" of "one chain, dual use, three regulations, and four pipes". Xiong Zhigang, a judge of the Beijing Internet Court, introduced the specific application of the combination of blockchain technology and execution scenarios in the Beijing Internet Court. On October 24, 2019, the Beijing Internet Court took the lead in realizing the application of blockchain smart contract technology in the execution of cases across the country. As of today, 22 cases have been filed through "one-click execution". The response of the parties was particularly good. Some parties called directly to express their gratitude, saving them a lot of time and energy.