Think Tank Report: 15 Free Trade Pilot Areas Have Practiced in the Blockchain Field

The latest issue of the Free Trade Zone Study released by the Economic Think Tank Division of the China Economic Information Society in Beijing recently showed that the exploration and application of blockchain technology in the free trade pilot zone has gradually accelerated. From the national level to local governments, the blockchain Application concerns continue to grow. At present, 15 of the 18 pilot free trade zones in China have been put into practice.
The report believes that although China is still in the initial stage of the construction of the blockchain, the underlying technology of the blockchain is not mature, the infrastructure is not perfect, and the application of technology is still in its infancy, the application scenarios are still limited, but most government and enterprise stakeholders are optimistic Prospects. The respective trade pilot zones have established basic platforms, issued supporting policies, and continuously promoted the application of blockchain applications in the zone. The report suggests that under the rapid development of big data, 5G internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the application of blockchain technology will improve the energy efficiency of the free trade pilot zone services at all levels. On the one hand, the Pilot Free Trade Zone should guide enterprises to "on-chain", and on the other hand, stress testing and risk management should be carried out more effectively in the zone.