BTC market value remains stable, ROI performance is poor in 30 days

According to TokenGazer data analysis: As of 17:00 on December 2nd, BTC quoted $ 7249.57 with a market value of $ 130,952.37M; 24H BTC trading volume on mainstream exchanges was about $ 219.07M, a weak performance; BTC's recent on-chain transaction volume continued to decline and was active The number of addresses rebounded to a certain extent, and the block production time remained stable at about 9.9 minutes. The market value of BTC has fluctuated steadily and is currently about 66.43%. The 30-day ROI performance of BTC is not good. According to the six data from the official website of TokenGazer, the price trend of BTC and gold The 90-day trend correlation is about 0.22, and the BTC sentiment index moving average remains stable; in terms of futures, compared to 24 hours ago, Huobi's bitcoin contract holdings have risen, and OKEx's holdings have fallen; OKEx's bitcoin is long and short The number of people fluctuated between 0.93-1.05, which is currently 0.96. In the long and short bitcoin trend of Huobi, the percentage of long-term accounts of elite users is 57%, but the proportion of long positions held is only 47%. On the exchange side, The BTC / USDT Huobi premium range for BTC / USD Coinbase is smaller within the day. There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.