The stablecoin market trend was stable in November, and the amount of Binance BUSD increased to 26 million

According to the data on the stablecoin special page, as of November 30, the total USDT circulation was US $ 4.634 billion, an increase of US $ 33 million from the previous month, maintaining a steady and slow growth. The total issuance of emerging stable currencies was 1.027 billion US dollars, of which the total issuance of USDC was 457 million US dollars, accounting for 44.5%, continuing to maintain the first place; the total circulation of PAX was 218 million US dollars, accounting for 21.3%, ranking first The second place is TUSD, with a total circulation of USD 162 million, accounting for 15.8%; after the expansion, the circulation of DAI exceeded 100 million, reaching USD 104 million, ranking fourth; by Binance and Paxos ( PAX issuer) The number of stablecoin BUSD issued jointly increased to 26 million, ranking sixth among emerging stablecoins, and was included in this list for the first time. On the whole, the total issuance of USDT and emerging stablecoin markets only fluctuated slightly last month, and the overall market has stabilized.