Hero chain: 300 million ring dreams, finally broken

Today, a message makes people call people happy.

According to the report of the anti-passing alliance, recently, under the guidance of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau integrated the strengths of various police forces, and the team teamed up to successfully crack the "hero chain" of the online fraud case (HEC) with the virtual digital currency as the cover. ), the amount involved is more than 300 million yuan. At present, 21 suspects involved in the case have been subjected to criminal detention measures, and 15 people have been admitted, 9 of whom were arrested by the procuratorate.

(Source: Anti-Communication Alliance)

This is a good warning for the cryptocurrency industry, which is full of impetuousness and embarrassment.

In fact, in the emerging cryptocurrency market, one of the best for the benefit of the myth, investors are eager to move, often fall into a variety of carefully planned cryptocurrency scams, the hero chain is one of them.

"I was involved in the crowdfunding of the hero chain by the generation of investors. I thought I could lie down and earn some money. Who knows that this project will be broken on the line, and it will plummet all the way. There is no meaning of support." The hard-earned and hard-earned money has been squandered. Now there are more than 100,000 in my wallet. However, this group of people has finally been put in a nest, and there is a psychological comfort." Chen’s investors reluctantly told reporters.

Xiao Chen is just one of many victims. You know, in just two months, the hero chain has collected nearly 40,000 Ethereums (more than 300 million RMB according to the prevailing market price), involving hundreds of people. .

In late December 2018, many victims were found guilty of fraud, shutting down the official website, dissolving the official WeChat group, and after the project leader disappeared, they went to the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau to report the case, and the amount of fraud was from hundreds of thousands of yuan. Up to several million yuan; on December 29, 2018, Zhuhui Public Security Bureau officially filed a case for investigation. Since the investigation of the case, the police of the task force have arrested 15 suspects, detained 2 computers and 16 mobile phones, seized and frozen more than 20 million yuan of funds involved, and initially found out that the hero chain illegally earned hundreds of millions of yuan.

In fact, there are still many fraud projects like the hero chain, especially in the absence of legal supervision, all kinds of fraud are increasingly rampant. When their own rights and interests are damaged, many investors are still deeply immersed in the dilemma of defending their rights.

Although on August 24, 2018, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the People's Bank of China, and the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the “Illegal Fund Raising” in the name of “virtual currency” and “blockchain”. The Tips pointed out that in the near future, some lawless elements used the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain” to absorb funds through the issuance of so-called “virtual currency”, “virtual assets” and “digital assets”, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but rather the practice of speculating blockchain concepts for illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, and fraud. Such activities take “financial innovation” as the gimmick. In essence, the Ponzi scheme is “borrowing new and old”, and the operation of funds is difficult to maintain for a long time. The general public should be rational about the blockchain, do not blindly believe in the promise of smallpox, establish a correct monetary concept and investment philosophy, and effectively raise the awareness of risk; and actively report the illegal criminal clues found to the relevant departments.

However, under the temptation of huge profits, the digital currency fraud incident has shown a sharp increase. According to the zero-identification blockchain, in 2018, there were 166 cases of virtual currency pyramid schemes in China, nearly double the number in 2017. There is always someone in the world who knows that the pit is still going to jump. Even though many people know that these unskilled projects are all MLM coins, they will still buy them because they will never feel that they are the ones that take over. The peace of mind makes your greed and heart-stricken luck become a hotbed of fraud.

However, if cryptocurrency is to develop for a long time, it must be included in an orderly and standardized track. What investors need to do is to avoid contributing to this bad atmosphere. Although greed is a nature, we still need to learn to control greed.

The hero chain event may be just the beginning, who will be the next one?

Author: Nancy

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