GRIN developers propose solutions to fix privacy loopholes in the Mimblewimble protocol

Cointelegraph reports that David Burkett, a GRIN developer funded by the Litecoin Foundation, proposes a solution to the privacy loopholes of the Mimblewimble protocol, which solves the problem by changing the order of broadcasting and merging, that is, sending transactions directly to The CoinJoin server then broadcasts, and the previous sequence was that the transactions were broadcast and then merged into other transactions, which would cause nodes in the network to see the link from input to output for most transactions. David Burkett said that he has received a donation from the Litecoin Foundation, and has been working with Li Qiwei and Bitcoin researcher Andrew Yang for several months to help develop a MW extension module for Litecoin's privacy transaction solution. David Burkett promised The post will be updated monthly to detail the development progress of Grin and the integration of MW privacy technology into Litecoin.