A picture to understand the blockchain: expansion, going to sea, ending, a decade of exchange history

Expansion, going to sea, ending-ten years history of exchanges

On November 14, the Central Bank's Shanghai Headquarters Mutual Funds Rectification Office and the Shanghai Financial Stability Liaison Office jointly issued a notice to reorganize digital token trading venues.

The exchange is where most people first recognize, understand, and then have a digital token, which is an important part of the blockchain industry ecology. Exchanges provide a convenient medium for the exchange and circulation of value, even for those industries that wander in the gray areas of the law. Here is the myth that the cottage pass doubled overnight, and there are lonely gamblers who have suffered huge losses and left the market sadly. Collecting high fees and commissions is the only secret of the exchange through the bulls and bears. The cold wallet that stores tens of thousands of BTC has also made it a hunting target for countless hackers. Pure cryptopunk and geeks attacked the exchanges with centralization as a reason, on the other hand, the development prospects of decentralized exchanges are still confused. It's been ten years since the birth of BTC, and digital token exchanges are arguing with each other, taking turns to rule. A chart in this issue shows the ten-year history of the rise and fall of exchanges, while reflecting the epitome of the entire industry.