China Mobile: Fully promote the deployment of blockchain networks, and use 5G to ensure data collection and transmission

China Mobile recently stated that it will fully promote the development of BSN networks. BSN stands for Block-chain-based Service Network. At the first Blockchain Service Network Partner Conference held recently, Vice President of China Mobile Li Huizhen stated that he would thoroughly implement the overall deployment of the service network and fully support the deployment, operation and optimization of BSN. China Mobile said that relying on China Mobile's centralized bases, data centers and cloud resources of prefecture and city companies, it supports the rapid deployment of blockchain network services, and currently supports more than 50 urban nodes that support deployment. In the future, we will continue to contribute network resources and further expand domestic and international nodes. In addition, make full use of 5G, Internet of Things, and dedicated line resources to provide reliable guarantees for data collection and transmission in the blockchain industry application, and promote continuous optimization of network performance and continuous improvement of network quality.