Data: Only 21% of Facebook employees delegate financial data to Facebook

"Anonymous social network" Blind conducted a trust survey, mainly targeting projects such as Facebook's Libra. The project surveyed more than 5,000 professionals working at different companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Uber. The data shows that about 62% of professionals are more willing to trust the financial data provided by "traditional banks" rather than "large tech companies". Of the tech professionals surveyed, 57% said they trust banks more than large tech companies, while nearly 70% of financial professionals said they prefer traditional institutions. Of the 186 Facebook employees surveyed, only 21% said they would entrust their financial data to Facebook. The results show that even Facebook employees will not trust the financial project Libra they lead. Since Libra first appeared in June this year, people's reactions to it have been complicated. Although some see Libra as a way to mainstream and legalize encryption, regulators have been reluctant to accept the project.