People's Daily comment: The development of blockchain requires both innovative thinking and prudent attitude and pragmatic action

On December 3, the People's Daily published a commentator's observation article "Answering" Application Questions "for Blockchain Development. The article states that the development and use of blockchain technology must adhere to innovation and return to the original application of technology. From the actual situation, China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain; the country's emphasis on blockchain has brought greater opportunities for the development and application of blockchain technology. Encouraging the development of the blockchain is not tantamount to rushing up, engaging in vicious competition, and repeating construction. Only by continuously strengthening collaborative research, building a blockchain industry ecology, and promoting integrated innovation and convergence applications can good technology have a good future. From the perspective of governance, the application of blockchain technology places higher requirements on regulatory capabilities and levels. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a security guarantee system adapted to the blockchain technology mechanism, guide and promote blockchain developers and platform operators to strengthen industry self-discipline and implement security responsibilities. It is necessary to implement the rule of law network into the management of the blockchain and promote the secure and orderly development of the blockchain. Blockchain technology brings new possibilities to social development and governance. How to promote the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation, and actively promote the development of the integration of blockchain and economy and society, has become a new thinking question. Answering this question well requires both innovative thinking and prudent attitude and pragmatic action.