Economic Daily: Eurasian cautiously treats rapid development of crypto assets

On December 3rd, the Economic Daily published a "Eurasian prudent approach to the rapid development of crypto assets." According to the article, in the field of crypto assets based on the rapid development of financial technology such as blockchain, the U.S. dominance pattern no longer exists, and the “curve overtaking” effect in Europe and Asia has begun to appear. Under such circumstances, Eurasian regulatory attitudes and initiatives on this emerging issue have increasingly attracted global attention. In 2019, the "mysterious world" of crypto assets represented by "Bitcoin" is still in a "three-legged stand" situation. It's just that the ranking of the top three players has changed from "America, Europe, and Asia" in 2018 to "Europe, America, and Asia" this year. "Building a car while building a road", Eurasian adopted such a pragmatic attitude of overall prudence and perfect supervision when faced with rapidly developing crypto assets.