Professor Xueming Fudan University: Henan should promote the application of blockchain in logistics and supply chain finance

On the afternoon of December 2, Si Xueming, a professor at Fudan University and the director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, stated on the forum of the 82nd department-level leading cadre Jingwei, hosted by the Working Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, that the Henan blockchain industry The key to the rapid development of applications and applications depends on emancipating the mind and innovating. Henan should promote the application of blockchain in the fields of logistics, traceability of agricultural products and food anti-counterfeiting, market supervision, e-government, health care, "decentralized service" reform and supply chain finance, accelerate the cultivation of emerging blockchain industries, and vigorously strengthen military and civilian Integration, and strive to be at the forefront of the country in terms of blockchain independent innovation technology and unique applications.