Forbes committee member Garratt Hasenstab posts three ways blockchains can improve lives

Garratt Hasenstab has recently published a talk about how blockchain can improve daily life. He pointed out that in the field of health care, it is expected that by 2025, the value of blockchain technology in this market will exceed $ 1.6 billion, such as safe and reliable electronic health records. Protect user privacy and standardize the practice of doctors; in terms of social impact, blockchain can significantly increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. For example, charity, fair trade, etc., blockchain makes relevant data traceable and transparent and visible. In the field of tourism, many countries rely on tourism as the economic support, but they are opaque and difficult to regulate. , The tourism industry can usher in new disruptions, such as preventing false reviews and making high-quality attractions stand out.
Note: Garratt is the president of The Mountain Life Companies, a real estate developer, a digital asset consultant, a blockchain expert, and a member of the Forbes Committee.