Scene | Luo Mei of Tsinghua University: Jia Nan Technology listed in the US, creating a new form of value in the financial era

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 3, "2019 CAN Conference · Everything Interchain, Blockchain and New Global Economic Structure" was held in Hangzhou. Luo Mei, director of the Digital Financial Asset Research Center of the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, said in a speech that digital assets is a new concept, and its definition will change with the development of times. In her opinion, digital assets include all transaction information, digital currency, and data information. The technology of digital assets depends on blockchain, the Internet of Things, AI, privacy computing, distributed databases, etc.The supervision of digital assets includes global interconnection and Contradictions in regional supervision, centralization of supervision and personal data. She also pointed out that the listing of Canaan Technology in the United States has epoch-making significance. This is the first time that the price of coins and the stock market have been placed directly on the "chain", creating a new form of value in the financial era.