AI chip giant NVIDIA launches blockchain + AI computing platform, 3D model analysis time reduced from hours to minutes

GPU and SoC manufacturing giant NVIDIA recently released a new blockchain and artificial intelligence-based computing platform that helps healthcare providers reduce the time required to analyze complex 3D models from hours to hours minute.

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This "Smart Edge" platform called "Clara Federated Learning" brings deep learning models to the healthcare industry and runs on the company's EGX Intelligent platform.

Nvidia explores new areas, aims at blockchain

Kimberly Powell, NVIDIA's vice president of healthcare, announced the news, highlighting the problem of training AI models to gain access to large amounts of data. She described the operation of the platform as follows:

"In the UK, Nvidia has partnered with King's College London and Owkin to create a federal learning platform for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. The Owkin Connect platform running on NVIDIA Clara enables algorithms to be propagated from one hospital to another, And receive training on local datasets. It provides a blockchain distributed ledger for each hospital that can capture and track all the data used for model training. "

This distributed, collaborative AI system ensures that data stays within the healthcare provider's network. Each client on the network can use the platform to perform deep learning training on its own, but can also collaborate with other clients to provide a more accurate global model.

Among other use cases, Clara will enable hospitals to compose more accurate and faster models in imaging and genome sequencing.

Blockchain has huge potential in the healthcare industry

Blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry are rich and diverse, so many projects have emphasized the advantages of data privacy, data accessibility, and higher computing speeds that distributed systems can bring. People often use this technology in combination with AI, and the two complement each other.

Like Nvidia, IBM has also shown an interest in providing blockchain-based solutions for the healthcare industry, and has even created a business alliance with members including PNC Bank, Health Care Service Corporation, Aetna ( Antai Insurance Financial Group, one of the oldest health insurance companies in the world) and Anthem (Fortune 500). IBM's blockchain healthcare solution is built on Hyperledger Fabric and is designed to reduce management errors and assist in keeping records.