Changjiang Business Daily: Chasing industrial cannabis and blockchain hotspots, Shenzhen Datong or paving the way for important shareholders to reduce their holdings

According to the Changjiang Business Daily, on April 16, after two and a half months, Shenzhen Datong revised its annual performance forecast. It is estimated that the loss last year was as high as 2.35 billion yuan, far from the profit earned by listing for 24 years. Faced with the depreciation of goodwill and the reduction of this big mine, Shenzhen Chase adopted a storytelling method to hedge. On the eve of the opening on the morning of April 18, the company announced that it would catch up with the hottest industrial cannabis in the market in the near future. Not only that, but the company also combined industrial cannabis with the concept of blockchain. After the "perfect combination", the company's share price soared, and the daily limit for two consecutive trading days. Shenzhen Datong Finance has a big bath and storytelling hedging, paving the way for its important shareholders to reduce their cash. In December last year, Cao Linfang, a shareholder holding 7.67%, disclosed plans to reduce the cash-in-progress plan by 2.09%. As of now, the reduction plan is only half completed.