Zou Jun of Express Chain reaches Jinfu: Four types of possible improvements brought to the blockchain by quantum computing

On November 30, 2019, the "Quantum Information and Blockchain Technology" Guangzhou Forum was successfully held at South China University of Technology. Dr. Jun Zou of Yuntong Chainda Financial Services Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech entitled "The Dialogue between Cats and Demons: The Collision between Quantum Thinking and Blockchain Thinking". He analyzed the characteristics of quantum computing and blockchain from a philosophical level. He compared quantum computing to "Schrodinger's cat" and blockchain to "Maxwell demon." After that, the definition of quantum qubit, the realization and simulation of quantum gate, and the measured results on IBM quantum cloud are explained in detail. He also introduced the principles of quantum computing from the theoretical to practical level, as well as two commonly used quantum computing algorithms and their characteristics, Shor and Grover. Finally, he discussed the quantum encryption algorithm and proposed four possible improvements that quantum computing can bring to the blockchain: quantum randomness makes the blockchain say goodbye to pseudo-random numbers, quantum entanglement helps key distribution, and unknown quantum states are impossible Clonality, quantum teleportation.