Site | Zhou Shuoji, Founder of FBG Capital: Currently in the observation stage, paying more attention to traffic and transaction-related directions

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 3, "2019 CAN Conference · Everything Interchain, Blockchain and New Global Economic Structure" was held in Hangzhou. In the roundtable on the theme of “Horizontal: Blockchain Investment Layout Technique” in the afternoon session, Zhou Shuoji, founder of FBG Capital, said that Tokenfund, unlike traditional VC, should pay more attention to cash flow and believe in the original assets of the blockchain. Tokenfund was generated in the early bubble of the industry. Today, excellent Tokenfund can exist for a long time, and those that cannot meet the market development will be eliminated. He also pointed out that he is currently in the observation stage and will pay more attention to the direction related to traffic and transactions.