Taiyuan City Issues "Blockchain Scam" Risk Alert, Watch Out for Four Routines

The Taiyuan Anti-Fraud Center in Shanxi Province recently issued a reminder that recently “blockchain fraud” has occurred in Taiyuan City, and some people have been deceived and suffered large property losses. Investors are reminded to take precautions against fraud. Experts from the Taiyuan Anti-Fraud Center said that blockchain is not equal to virtual currency, and we must be alert to the speculation of illegal virtual currency. Relevant fraud routines include: declaring technologies such as "blockchain", "decentralization", and "open source code" as the technical construction of their own virtual currency; fabricating stories and design models to attract investors' attention; and the characteristics of fraud of the stakeholders are obvious and have A variety of illegal and criminal characteristics; the server of the trading platform is placed overseas, cheating inside the country, and counting money outside the country, preparing for running ahead of time.