Longer than the original chain: The subversive enlightenment of the blockchain to the world is ongoing, and it takes time to prove the value

Babbitt News, on December 3, at the roundtable forum of "Blockchain Infrastructure's Bow Road" at the "2019CAN Conference · Interconnection of Everything" sub-conference, Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu said that when innovative things are born Sometimes, if people think what can be used for it, its potential has disappeared, or the ceiling is already low. Blockchain has changed productivity. No technology has ever caused global discussions like blockchain, and the subversive enlightenment of blockchain to the world is happening. However, anything promising does not happen overnight. For example, public chain innovation also needs to meet the improvement of laws and regulations. Lang Yu said that the current blockchain is like the invention of alternating current. At first, alternating current was only used for lighting, and now electricity is everywhere. When AC was invented, some people were asking what is the use of AC, just as people are asking what is the use of blockchain now. The value of the blockchain takes time to prove.