Longer than the original chain: the public chain and the alliance chain will merge and develop

Babbitt News, on December 3, at the roundtable forum of "Blockchain Infrastructure Infrastructure" at the "2019CAN Conference · Interconnection of Everything" sub-conference, the original chain CEO Lang Yu shared the difference between the alliance chain and the public chain . Lang Yu said that the nodes of the alliance chain are admission-based and seek to improve efficiency. At the same time, technically, there is an environment of homogeneous nodes, and the state of the alliance passes consensus in advance to operate in a trusted environment. The public chain is a threshold-free, heterogeneous operating environment. Nodes can be on any smart device. The complexity and security risks faced by public chains are higher than those of alliance chains. Regarding the future of the public chain and the alliance chain, Langyu believes that the two are integrated and developed. For example, for some data-sensitive scenarios, users of the public chain can use the status channel or Layer 2 network technology to access the alliance chain business.