Chairman of the State Grid: Strengthening the research and development of the standard system for energy and power blockchains

According to the Beijing News, on December 3, the reporter was informed that the State Grid Co., Ltd. Party Group Theory Learning Center Group (expanded) conducted collective learning. Kou Wei, Chairman of the State Grid, pointed out that it is necessary to further improve political standing, deeply understand the important strategic significance of blockchain technology, vigorously promote the implementation of blockchain technology research and application, and build a world-class energy Internet enterprise of "three types and two networks" Inject new kinetic energy and contribute to the power of the national network for the construction of a network power. Kou Wei mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen technical research, focus on the key areas of the development of the integration of blockchain technology and energy Internet, continue to optimize the scientific research layout, strengthen internal and external collaborative research, and accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies; promote standard formulation and strengthen energy and power blocks The research and development of the chain standard system strives for the leading role in the formulation of industry standards. He also said that expanding application scenarios, exploring the promotion and application of blockchain technology in business fields such as high-quality services, safe production, and smart cities, strengthening business model innovation, and building an application ecosystem for the entire industry chain.