Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission: Shanghai's government informatization started very early and has support for new technologies such as blockchain

According to the information from the Central Broadcasting Network, the knowledge exchange platform initiated by the Shanghai Big Data Application Innovation Center, the Master's Forum, Digital Future, has recently opened its first forum in Shanghai. Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, said that the openness of public data can further stimulate and activate the ability to innovate and empower the development of various industries. The government informatization in Shanghai started very early and has a very good data infrastructure. This will play a very important role in supporting new information technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain. She revealed that after the introduction of the “Interim Measures for the Opening of Public Data in Shanghai”, the first major project is the pilot of inclusive finance. The next step will be to build a joint laboratory for big data such as medical treatment, tourism, and transportation. Approve key projects.